Downtown Relocation

Downtown relocation grants are available to offset the cost of relocating to a space facing Kansas Ave from 6th St to Trail St. Grants reimburse 50% of total costs up to $1,500 after a business has been operating in its new location for one year.

Applications must be approved before any work is done. Work must be done within 12 months of approval, and the subject property must meet all codes upon completion. The applicant must obtain all required permits and/or historical reviews before any work begins. Projects requiring a permit must be completed by a licensed contractor. Applicants must have a legal interest in the subject property. Renting tenants must have written permission from the property owner.

Applications will be considered within 21 business days of submission. The economic development director may tour the subject property. The City may provide an inspection to determine the most urgent improvements. The City may reject applications for properties deemed beyond reasonable repair. Previous fire department inspections will be considered.

Grants will not be paid until all work is complete. Upon completion, the applicant must schedule a property tour and submit actual project cost information, including itemized copies of all invoices and receipts as well as copies of fronts and backs of cleared checks. The City will have 30 days to confirm the actual project cost. When all requirements of the grant contract are met, the City will issue a reimbursement check.

Grants are first come first serve up to an annual maximum. All taxes, fees or other debts owed to the City by the applicant must be paid up-to-date upon application. Grants may not be used to pay debts, salaries, wages, income or taxes. Grants may not be used to purchase real estate.