The City of Liberal, Kansas offers incentives to support its businesses, old and new. Contact us to discuss the needs of your business.

For expanding local businesses and businesses new to Liberal, the City works in conjunction with state and federal agencies to develop custom incentive packages. Incentive packages are based primarily on job creation, wages and overall investment in the community. To be eligible, a business must be engaged in one or more of the following: Manufacturing, Service, Research & Development, Warehousing & Distribution, Corporate Headquarters, Transportation, Tourism or Medical Services.

Local Incentives for New and Expanding Businesses

Industrial Revenue Bonds

IRB’s are securities issued by the City to provide funds for credit-worthy companies to purchase land and/or to construct and equip new facilities.

Property Tax Abatements

The City may abate ad velorem taxes on all or any portion of the appraised value of a property used by a qualifying business.

Infrastructure Improvements

For qualifying businesses, the City may provide certain infrastructure improvements within the City’s Industrial Parks.

Industrial Park Incentives

Businesses who purchase land in Liberal’s municipal industrial parks may be eligible to receive $500 for each job created over three years. A minimum of 20 new jobs is required.

Community Improvement Districts

Special property or sales taxes may be collected within a district to fund improvements costing $200,000 or more.

State Incentives for New and Expanding Businesses

Promoting Employment Across Kansas

Offers qualified companies the ability to retain 95% of their payroll withholding tax for up to five to seven years.

Community Development Block Grant

Offers fixed rate loans at four percent or three percent below prime, whichever is greater. Funds can be used for working capital; to acquire land or buildings; to construct or renovate facilities; and to purchase machinery and equipment.

Kansas Industrial Training and Kansas Industrial Retraining

Kansas Industrial Training (KIT) and Kansas Industrial Retraining (KIR) offsets the cost of training new employees and retraining existing workers.

High Performance Incentive Program

Provides a 10 percent corporate income tax credit on qualified capital investment, such as the purchase or lease of a facility or equipment; the cost of remodeling or build-out; and fixtures, furniture and computers. The minimum investment threshold for an eligible business is $50,000.

Multiple Sales Tax Exemptions

Kansas also offers several different sales tax exemptions. These include real and personal property financed with an Industrial Revenue Bond and labor services related to original construction.


Grants Available for New and Expanding Businesses

  • Community Improvement Districts

    Property owners may petition the City Commission to create a Community Improvement District (CID) for projects exceeding $200,000. Applicants may request special property tax assessments within the district, special sales tax up to 2% within the district or a combination of both. All property owners within the proposed CID must participate in the...